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Guardian Security SW Ltd.

CCTV from Guardian Security SW Ltd.

CCTV Camera We are specialists at working with analog and digital CCTV systems - from design brief through to installation of both the full camera system, network, server and storage facilities if required, as well as training, technical support and ongoing maintenance.

From a single camera system, either private or commercial monitored either from a PC or phone/tablet to complex multi-site multi-camera systems with centralised monitoring and analog or digital video recording.

With a huge array of camera types to choose from - analogue or IP cameras, wireless cameras, vandal proof, domed, daytime colour, night cameras, heated and waterproof, fixed or electronically controlled full movement, pin hole covert surveillance - we will work with you to provide a reliable professional CCTV solution.

We have a vast amount of experience in all areas of operation such as:

  • Schools and Universities : Monitoring key areas for student and lecturer safety as well as access control.
  • Retail : Shops and bars providing safety for workers and theft deterrants.
  • Business : Monitoring premises, car parks, storage facilities, production lines, quality control systems, lone worker sites.
  • Care homes, Utilities, Housing Associations, Car Parking.
  • Networking : We can design and install a secure Network for your cameras
  • Integration : working seamlessly with your access control, intercom, external alarms or POS systems

Working with the latest IP CCTV cameras which are able to provide single and multiple lane LPR (License plate recognition) with HD accuracy from a single camera, our high-definition LPR captures license plates with incredible detail in all conditions, 24 hours a day.

Either fully autonomous ANPR combined access control system linked to barriers or gates giving recorded and recognised vehicle access to buildings and parking facilities or part of the main CCTV system