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Guardian Security SW Ltd.

Fire alarm systems from Guardian Security SW Ltd.

Fire alarm Guardian Security SW Ltd. can supply, install, and maintain a full range of Fire Alarms - from simple cost effective twin wire types to multiple building management fully addressable systems along with a full range of auxillary items such as smoke, heat and CO detectors, manual call points, bells, sounders and strobes plus spares available from our Exeter branches.

Fully BS and EN compliant systems installed by our own professional in house team of fully product trained installation engineers, you are ensured of quality and consistency throughout your project.

  • Wireless
  • Addressable
  • 2 wire
  • Self-Contained Alarms
  • Wireless Site Alarms
  • Fire Alarm Accessories
  • Manual Call Points
  • Push Button Temporary Alarm
  • Domestic Smoke, Heat & CO Alarms
  • Fire Signage
  • Hold open and swing free door closers linked to the fire alarm system
  • Hold open magnets linked to the fire alarm system

Whatever your requirements are, Guardian Security SW Ltd. can provide the complete solution, from system design and specification, through to supply, installation and maintenance.