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Guardian Security SW Ltd.

Roller Shutters and Grilles from Guardian Security SW Ltd.

Roller Shutters and Grille Our shutters are designed to fit the opening of your building and can be mounted inside a window, attached to the face of a building, or built into the walls. They include fire shuttering, shop front security shutters through to domestic roller shutters and grilles. Constructed either from steel or aluminium you can select from a wide variety finishes and features such as manual or electric/timed opening and closing.

Our range of Sliding closures and grilles are an effective barrier and deterrent to crime, providing a stylish solution in protecting staff and property and limiting access and damage whilst maintaining light and visibility.

  • Folding Grilles
  • Expanding Grilles
  • Window Security Grilles
  • Door Security Grilles
  • Fire Shuttering
  • Shop fronts
  • Mall closures
  • Room dividers
  • Steel removable bars

Whatever your requirements are, Guardian Security SW Ltd. can provide the complete solution, from system design and specification, through to supply, installation and maintenance.